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(The following is an excerpt taken right from the book)

Making fire shouldn’t be difficult in a post-apocalyptic world. Heck, most of the world should already be on fire. Either way, we’re not talking about rubbing sticks together here; there should be plenty of modern tools to facilitate combustion. Lighters and matches are obvious choices; and with almost 50% of Americans being addicted smokers, you’ll have a 1 in 2 chance of finding a lighter on a corpse or in an abandoned home, if not still neatly stacked on display racks in gas stations and grocery stores. Don’t like the idea of rummaging through the pockets of nicotine-soaked dead folks? Here are a few ways to make fire using everyday items that ‘should’ still be available even during the worst of times:

  • Spark plugs – With millions of discarded cars now littering the streets and parking lots of the world, and with at least four plugs per motor, we’re talking a cache of igniting tools:
  1. Remove the spark plug cable, the spark plug from the engine block, and reconnect the spark plug cable.
  2. Place a piece of gasoline-soaked paper between the plug prong and the igniter pin.
  3. Touch the plug prong to the engine, crank over the engine and voila–fossil fuel combustion at its finest.
  4. If you don’t happen to have the keys to the engine, no problem. Just lay a hanger across the positive and negative terminals of the battery and stand back as the sparks fly.
  • Batteries– A 9v battery alone is a portable lighter in waiting. Without any need to modify, it has enough current to not only start kindling but burn steel, and with at least one required by law in every single home (smoke detectors), there will be plenty for the taking:
  1. Get some steel wool (under most home sinks).
  2. Pull the steel wool apart making it thin and fluffy.
  3. Place the bundle of steel wool under a pile of kindling like dryer lint or scraps of paper.
  4. Touch the 9v battery to the steel wool.

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