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Behind Doomsday Preppers and More…

There have always been people getting ready for the end of the world, or the end of the world “as we know it.” But lately it has become A Thing, with a name “prepping“.

Often it is a family activity, and an Internet-facilitated community has grown up among people who, though their specific doomsday scenario vary — whether they see the apocalypse coming by flood or by fire, by disease or disaster, human attack or ecological meltdown — all share an interest in staying alive.

National Geographic Doomsday Preppers TV ShowWe have all seen the National Geographic TV show Doomsday Preppers, but how much of that information were you able to retain? It can be a lot to take in and when contemplating something as serious as Doomsday it can be important to have help that you can refer to often and even in the event there is no power! The book Apocalypse, How to Survive a Global Crisis is exactly the right tool you will need to learn just about everything you need to know to survive if something were to ever go terribly wrong in the world.

What if you forget how to make a fire or how to find shelter? Dan Martin‘s preppers book has everything in it that you need to know in case of any kind of disaster. Not only does the book tell you ways to survive in unfortunate events but also goes on to explain in great detail how to be self-sufficient in today’s world and how it will help and benefit you and your family in the future.

When it’s really safe or a good option to bug out? Storing Food vs Raise/Grow your own Food.  The best prepping tool it’s knowledge.

Apocalypse, How to Survive a Global Crisis goes beyond what other books of this type can teach you by including detailed pictures, diagrams and instructions on how to better prepare yourself before, during and after any kind of catastrophe. This book even goes on to tell you ways to keep you and anyone with you safe as well as being mentally prepared by already knowing what to do. Hurricanes, solar flares, tsunamis, earthquakes, ice ages, floods and, yes, even alien invasions are all covered in this impressive book.

Why can you trust this book? It was written by a man who lived for 6 years completely separate from the rest of the world. During those 6 years he remained completely self- sufficient and learned many ways to survive outside the confines of modern society. No one really knows when or if we will face any disasters in the world but being prepared has proved over and over that it can and will help anyone face the situation at hand. Apocalypse, How to Survive a Global Crisis does nothing short of this. This is the only series of books you will ever need to learn everything there is to know about surviving self- sufficiently today and tomorrow.



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