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So I was reading this article (Scientists warn that aliens may come to destroy us) by Jeffrey Van Camp and I was amazed at how many similarities human history/events shares with what may occur when aliens visit our world. When the technologically superior Spanish came to the new world, they conquered the Mayans with little resistance, when the far advanced English came to New England they decimated the American Natives beyond comprehension, the Africans, Hawaiians, Australians Aborigines. The list goes on and on.

And yes, any other life form that visits Earth could, in all likelihood, and most likely would have the ‘ability’ to wipe us out. Should they? Probably. We’re an infestation, a virus on this planet. And we’re only getting worse. We pollute the sky, sea, land and rivers; destroy the landscape and homes of others; multiply selfishly and uncontrollably; consume and bleed this planet dry without ever giving back or considering the repercussions of our actions. And as the “most advanced” species on this rock, we try to exterminate any other infestation or virus that acts the same way or stands in our way.
Will they? Probably not. Even though it’s in OUR nature to do these things to other life forms (other humans, animals, plants, insects, bacteria’s, etc.), we only account for about .00001% of all life (that we currently know of). If we were to take into account the natural behavior of all other life (including us) and average it out along the spectrum, we see that most other life is very peaceful and even protectant of other, lesser developed things. We can then use this as a model to determine the odds of how another unknown life may act and we’ll find that the chances of them acting like us are then very slim indeed.


We’re in a way unique, in our disregard for other life. Which may actually be the very trait that allowed us to evolve. If you look at a hardcore business person, blindly driven to move up the ranks of say a law firm, with no regret of his actions or who he/she steps on to make it to the top, they’re usually the first to advance. That’s not to say that other animals aren’t ruthless, because they are. Almost all other male animals rape their mates, ants enslave other animals and carnivores murder and devour the elderly, sick, weak or children of the herbivores. But they’re not malicious in these actions like humans. They hold no ill will, anger or disgust in their hearts. It’s just natural.

So in the end, if the aliens do come and kill us all, just know they’re most likely not doing it because they’re evil, as depicted in the Hollywood Sci-Fi movies, it’s just nature. And take solace in the fact that this planet will be a better, healthier place without us.

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